moths are great! (Julie Stoneman)

Garden Moths Count


Garden Moths Count was an exciting nationwide survey run by the Moths Count project between 2007-2009 and aimed at the public, gardeners and their families. Its aims were to raise awareness of the beauty, importance and variety of moths in all our gardens and it was a great success.

Over 3,500 people took part in Garden Moths Count and in the related Humming-bird Hawk-moth survey, generating thousands of moth records. Many thanks to you all! Furthermore, the media reported extensively on Garden Moths Count helping to raise general awareness of moths.

Garden Moths Count is no longer running, but you can record day-flying moths as part of the Big Butterfly Count, a new online survey launched in 2010. Big Butterfly Count runs from 16-31 July 2011.

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You can also send any moth sightings to your County Moth Recorder to form part of the local database and the National Moth Recording Scheme.