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Provisional Atlas of Moths


The Provisional Atlas of the UK's Larger Moths, published in December, is based on the first 11 million moth records collated by the National Moth Recording Scheme and represents a landmark in moth recording.

Provisional Atlas of the UK's MothsThe Provisional Atlas shows up-to-date distribution maps for all 868 naturally-occurring resident and immigrant macro-moth species in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. This is the first atlas to cover all the UK’s larger moths and it includes the first distribution maps ever published for c.300 species (the Geometrids), as well as the first new maps for over 20 years for other species. As such it is a major step forward in our knowledge of moth distributions and a ‘must have’ for moth recorders. The maps include historical records (pre 2000) and current records (2000 onwards).

The production of the atlas is a major step towards helping our declining moth fauna and analyses of the data will follow in due course. The maps illustrate under-recorded areas and will enable targeted recording and improved knowledge and conservation.