Moth trapping (Dave Green)

Moth distribution maps


Provisional distribution maps for all macro-moth species from the National Moth Recording Scheme. Find a moth by English name using the A-Z. Then click on the name of the moth from the list that appears below or to the side of the map.

Please note that the maps shown here are provisional and based on records submitted so far to the National Moth Recording Scheme. Although strenuous efforts have been made to maintain a high level of accuracy, the maps may contain errors. The provisional maps are provided here as feedback to moth recorders and others, but remain copyright of Butterfly Conservation and must not be published without prior permission. Please contact the Moths Count team if you have queries about the maps or the records that they show.

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Cousin German (Protolampra sobrina)
National Biodiversity Distribution Map
  • red
    pre 2000
  • green
    since 2000

Maps generated from the "Macro-moth provisional distribution for the British Isles (excluding the Republic of Ireland) from the National Moth Recording Scheme" dataset.

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