What Moth?


Found a moth and not sure what it is? These gallery pages contain images of moths commonly encountered in gardens and may help you to identify your moth. Click on the images for a larger picture and additional information. If you cannot find your moth on these pages, or would like to identify a caterpillar try the links on the left for more assistance.

Swallow-tailed Moth (Robert Thompson)
Swallow-tailed Moth
Brimstone Moth (Robert Thompson)
Brimstone Moth
Yellow Shell (Robert Thompson)
Yellow Shell
Speckled Yellow (Dave Green)
Speckled Yellow
Clouded Buff (Robert Thompson)
Clouded Buff
Silver Y (Robert Thompson)
Silver Y
Buff-tip (Robert Thompson)
Early Thorn (Robert Thompson)
Early Thorn
Mother Shipton (Robert Thompson)
Mother Shipton
Garden Carpet (Mark Parsons)
Garden Carpet
Riband Wave (Ian Kimber)
Riband Wave
Blood-vein (Robert Thompson)